Teragren’s Craftsman II solid bamboo flooring features wider, longer planks that are especially pleasing in larger rooms. Unlike many other solid floors, Craftsman II may even be floated and installed below grade. Teragren specializes in bamboo flooring and uses only Moso bamboo, the highest quality bamboo on the market today. Teragren’s bamboo is durable since it is 25% harder than red oak, and it comes with a 25 Year Residential Finish Warranty or a 5 Year Commercial Warranty.       




Dimensions: 5 1/2″ x 5/8″ x 75 1/2″
Species: Bamboo
Construction: Solid
Finish: Durable, 7-coat German, aluminum oxide/polyurethane finish (Water-based and solvent-free)       




Teragren Craftsman II comes in wider and longer planks than you’ve ever seen in other hardwoods. With the planks being bigger, you don’t have to purchase as many. While the price is good, the wider planks themselves just look more pleasing than most of the short, narrow planks in other hardwoods. Using the highest quality of bamboo, you can rely on the best of durability. Also, it has a 25-year warranty. 






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