Triangulo Brazilian Exotic Hardwood Flooring

Triangulo Hardwood Flooring

Triangulo is an industry leading manufacturer of exotic hardwood flooring in Brazil that imports their flooring products to the USA.  Triangulo has been manufacturing flooring in Brazil since 1972 and has been a supplier of various top quality hardwood companies.  Recently a decision was made to enter the US market and go direct with their fabulous flooring products.  The switch has been a good one for , their distributors, and retailers throughout the US.  Below you’ll find the two collections of hardwood flooring that Triangulo offers in Solid and Engineered construction.  These two collections offer exciting exotic species like Amendoim, Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry), Muiracatiara (Tigerwood), Sucupira (Brazilian Chestnut), Guajuvira (Brazilian Pecan), and Cumaru (Brazilian Teak).