Unfinished Engineered Oaks, Hickory, Cherry, Pecan, Maple, Birch, Walnut


Unfinished Engineered Hardwood

When looking at the advantages and disadvantages of putting in an unfinished hardwood flooring product there is really one question you have to ask yourself first.  Do I want a custom finished floor or not?  If the answer to that question is yes, then unfinished engineered flooring is the right choice for you.  First before we get into advantages of installing unfinished hardwood flooring lets point out the two disadvantages.  The first disadvantage is extra time to sand and finish the floor as opposed to installing a prefinished floor, which is ready to go once installed.  The second disadvantage is the dust made when sanding an unfinished floor. 

Now let’s get into the advantages of selecting an unfinished hardwood floor.  First you can install the floor just about anytime after your home is in the dry and wait to finish the floor once everything else is completed.  Second you can choose the stain and/or combination of stains you wish to apply to your floor, or conversely you can leave the natural wood and just finish the floor out.  Then there is the advantages of going with an engineered unfinished product over a 3/4″ solid unfinished hardwood floor.  The dimensional stability you gain from engineered flooring is well worth it.  Solid flooring undergoes more expansion and contraction than engineered flooring of the same width.  Also with our engineered product the bottom ply is the same wood species as the top veneer adding even more dimensional stability to the hardwood flooring itself.  Check out our line of unfinished engineered hardwood flooring products below, which are grouped by wood species.