Yukon Maple Mixed offers stunning style. Combining maple’s softly subtle grain with heavy scraping creates a look that’s high in character and visually cool. 3/8″ thick and available in three separate width options, the planks have microbeveled edges and ends. Just the floor for relaxed family living. Yukon Maple Mixed makes it easier to install a mixed width floor. With all three widths packaged together in the same carton (3 1/4″, 5″, and 6 3/8″), there is no confusing calculations to perform. Yukon Maple is also available in 5″ wide planks and 6 3/8″ wide planks separately. Wow, so many people are going with the mixed width plank to add diversity which gives a more unsuspected pattern. If you love that wide plank look, but want a little less predictable pattern Yukon Maple could be just what you’re looking for.






Style (5″) SW547

Thickness 3/8″ (9.5mm)

Species Maple

Texture Heavy Scraped

Gloss Level 20%

Janka Hardness Rating 2039

Edge Description Pillowed

End Description Pillowed

Sq. ft. per carton SW547 19.72





Yukon Maple takes in a little of everything. It takes the light and subtle colors and grains of different woods, and then adds heavy scraping to give the subtle woods all that much more texture. With it’s heavy scraping, it has a distressed look that almost can’t be ruined by any problems. The floor comes in multiple different widths to give you a fairly unique pattern that will go along well with the beautiful textures of the wood. 





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