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***Due to pricing restrictions from Mannington, we are not allowed to display our low pricing on the website.  To try and discourage online shopping, most manufacturers are establishing MIP (Minimum Internet Pricing) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) restrictions.  We realize this to be a huge inconvenience to you the shopper so we have a knowledgeable staff ready to help with questions about prices.  Please call us at (844) 498-7444 or e-mail***

Why Mannington Hardwood Flooring?

The right looks, right now. From sleek, exotic teak to rustic, wide plank cherries and hickories, you'll find just the right look to make your room warm and inviting.

We use only premium select wood species and all of our hardwood flooring are constructed with five plies of wood bonded together, making them much stronger than a single piece of solid wood. This is called engineered wood flooring. They never require waxing or refinishing and won't buckle or warp.

UltraWear® Plus Finish and ScratchResist™

Our 7-step UltraWear® Plus polyurethane/aluminum oxide finish provides unsurpassed protection against normal wear. Each UltraWear® Plus step is ultraviolet cured, making it far more durable than any finish that could be applied on-site. Our ScratchResist™ finish helps your wood floor look new longer by resisting everyday household scratches. Sales Information

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Castle Rock on Sale this month!


American Hickory 5"

American Hickory 5" LockSolid
American Maple 5"
American Maple 5" LockSolid
American Oak 3" & 5"
American Oak LockSolid
American Walnut 5"
American Walnut 5" LockSolid
Antiqua Pacaya Mesquite
Blue Ridge Hickory Plank 5"
Harrington Oak 3"
Jamestown Oak Plank 3"
Lynnhaven Maple Plank 5"
Madison Oak Plank 3"
Madison Oak Plank 5"
Madison Maple 3"
Maison Plank
Montana Oak Plank 5"
Oregon Oak Plank 3"


Hand Crafted
Arrow Rock Hickory
Castle Rock
Hayworth Hickory Platinum
Heirloom Hickory
Hometown Chelsea Birch
Hometown Georgetown Walnut
Hometown Lexington Hickory
Inverness Black Isle Hickory
Inverness Nottingham Maple
Inverness Stonehenge Walnut
Inverness Wiltshire Walnut
Marrakech Moroccan Hickory
Mayan Pecan
Mountain View Hickory
Ravenwood Birch
Savannah Hickory

Chesapeake Hickory

Atlantis Prestige Amendoim 5"
Atlantis Prestige Andean Pecan 5"
Atlantis Prestige Brazilian Cherry 5"
Atlantis Prestige Santos Mahogany 5"
Atlantis Prestige Tigerwood 5"


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