Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Solid and Engineered Hardwood


Armstrong gives new freedom to consumers to personalize their living spaces withn a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Armstrong is a well know brand with great pricing on their solid lines and engineer. With many different hand scraped and distressed styles and colors to choose from such as, the performance plus one of the top sellers with oaks, hickory and birch. Maybe you are more attracted to a solid floor and you could take a look under the  Gatsby Hand Sculpted  its hand scraped with oak and birch. If you need more colors to choose from maybe the Highgrove Manor   would be a wise choice with its many hickory maples and cherry choices. 






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Armstrong Engineered Flooring

American Scrape
Artesian Classics Color Wash Collection
Artesian Hand-Tooled

Artistic Timbers
Beaumont Plank  
Beaumont Plank LG
Beckford Plank 3"  
Beckford Plank 5"  

Blackwater Classics
Century Estate Parquet
Century Estate Plank
Century Farm
Fifth Avenue Plank
Global Exotics 3 1/2"
Global Exotics 4 3/4"
Heritage Classics

Metro Classics Birch 
Metro Classics Cherry 
Metro Classics Maple  

Metro Classics Pecan 
Metro Classics Walnut  
Midtown Locking
Performance Plus
Prime Harvest Oak 3", 5"
Regent Plank
Rural Living
Rustic Accents
Valenza Collection

Armstrong Solid Flooring

American Scrape Solid
Gatsby Hand Sculpted
Highgrove Manor
Kingsford Solid Strip
Prime Harvest 

Somerset Plank LG
Somerset Strip LG
Sugar Creek Strip
Sugar Creek Plank
Urethane Parquet
Valenza Collection

Yorkshire Plank  
Yorkshire Strip 


Armstrong Sales Rep Pricing

 Armstrong Quality Wood Flooring, among the top flooring brands in the world, has a reputation among commercial designers for design freedom. Armstrong's range and flexibility also satisfies a yearning for a highly personal, custom style in the home. Armstrong patterns and contrasts help define interiors, from traditional to the avant-garde.

Since 1946, Armstrong has been a leading manufacturer of genuine hardwood floors. Armstrong became well known for its fresh approach to parquet, and built a following among commercial designers with leading design and a powerful bouquet of choices and patterns.

A spirit of creativity exists in Armstrong parquet, strip and plank floors – across an array of wood species, grains, patterns, colors, finishes and details.

The Armstrong designers' palette gives consumers a choice for a custom approach that includes striking Armstrong parquets, planks, strips in fashion forward colors and wood species. Armstrong hardwood flooring is still noticed for their price sensitivity  to the market and one of the most nationally recognised brands. There are a lot of new innovated products on the market today, like wire brushed hand destressed or maybe hand scraped. Armstrong carries all these and more, maybe you like the high gross products better than the simi finishes of today, we still offer that in some of the solid products we have .