Bruce Hardwood Floors

Solid and Engineered Hardwood Flooring


***Due to pricing restrictions from Bruce, we are not allowed to display our low pricing on the website.  To try and discourage online shopping, most manufacturers are establishing MIP (Minimum Internet Pricing) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) restrictions.  We realize this to be a huge inconvenience to you the shopper so we have a knowledgeable staff ready to help with questions.  Please call us at (844) 498-7444 or e-mail*** 

At Dalton Wholesale Floors, we believe that Bruce Hardwood Floors continues to be an industry leader in the hardwood flooring marketplace. That's why we try to provide the best possible pricing on Bruce Flooring. We carry the full line of both engineered and solid Bruce hardwood flooring. If price is of concern, check out Bruce's Springdale Plank with a 3 mm wear layer. It's priced to move for first quality product. Note that we do not sell cabin or tavern grade products. Below are Bruce's products and a buying guide. If you have any questions, please call and we'll be glad to assist you. Styles are changing with new designs such as handscraped or hand distressed and Bruce is bringing these products to the market at great prices but with the same quality Bruce is known for. Pricing is very competitive with most brands especially on the hand distressed products. Bruce is still known nationwide for their soilds such as Dundee Plank and Fulton Plank.



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Bruce Hardwoods Engineered

American Originals Hickory 5"
American Originals Hickory 5" (Lock&Fold)
American Originals Maple 3"  
American Originals Maple 5"  
American Originals Maple 5" (Lock&Fold)
American Originals Oak 5"  
American Originals Oak 5" (Lock&Fold)
American Vintage 5"  
American Vintage 5" (Lock&Fold)
Baltic Plank
Cavendar Plank
Frontier Birch
Frontier Hickory
Legacy Manor

Bruce Lock and Fold
Northshore Strip  
Northshore 3" Plank  
Northshore 5" Plank  
Northshore 7" Plank
Rockwell Plank  
Springdale Plank  
Summerside Strip 
Townsville LG (Low Gloss) Strip  
Turlington 3" Plank  
Turlington 5" Plank  
Turlington American Exotics
Turlington Lock&Fold

Turlington SIgnature Series
Westchester Hickory
Westchester Maple
Westchester Oak


Bruce Hardwoods Solid

American Treasures
Bristol Strip
Bristol Plank
Dover Strip  
Dover View  
Dundee Plank  
Dundee Strip  
Eddington Strip  
Eddington Plank  
Ellington Plank
Forest Glenn Plank 
Forest Glenn Strip
Fulton Strip  
Fulton LG (Low Gloss) Strip  
Fulton Plank
Kennedale Strip  
Kennedale Prestige 
Manchester Plank
Manchester Strip
Natural Choice  
Natural Reflections
Rustic Heritage
Sterling Strip  
Sterling Prestige  
Trumbull Strip
Waltham Plank  
Waltham Strip  
Westchester Plank
Westchester Strip 
Westmoreland Plank
Westmoreland Strip

Bruce Sales Rep Price

Bruce Buying Guide

     Bruce hardwood flooring can be separated into several different categories.  This information can be used to guide you through your purchase of a Bruce floor.  First you'll need to decide between engineered Bruce hardwood and solid Bruce hardwood flooring.  That decision can be made by looking at a couple of home site conditions and then looking at your personal preferences.  If your home is on a concrete slab you'll have to go with an engineered product or a 5/16" solid, which comes in the Natural Choice and Natural Reflections collections.  The engineered collections are vast and we'll discuss them in detail later in this information section.  If you're on a wood subfloor then you can go with either Bruce solid flooring or the engineered Bruce hardwood.  Another thing to consider is the temperature changes and humidity changes that occur in your climate.  If you have huge temperature and humidity changes and you want to go with a wide plank then engineered flooring may be the better choice for your home. 

     First, let's discuss Bruce's engineered line and all of the products that are available.  If you're looking for an engineered oak you have several choices from Bruce. . If you would like a little thicker product Bruce has several oaks in 3/8" thickness.  The best price on a 3/8" x 3" engineered oak is the Springdale Plank.  Bruce Springdale comes in five colors to suit your design needs.  The most popular engineered oak collection is by far the Bruce Turlington Collection.  The Turlington collection comes in several widths and species.


Dalton Wholesale Floors is an authorized Bruce Hardwood dealer. Just follow the link below and use our zip code 30103 to locate our showroom. Bruce Dealer Locator.