Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles

IVC Moduleo has been one of the best luxury vinyl products in the United States.  IVC began making its products in Belgium but has become a full force Made in the USA product.  Exquisite design, exceptional durable, and most importantly, availabilty and full manufacturing backing of the Moduleo is whats raising the attention of many LVT and LVP shoppers.  IVC uses the most advanced technology to bring a 3D embossing appearance to the product.  This gives you the consumer the comfort of knowing that you can trust the stability of the product, while achieving the beauty that you desire in a floor.  Lets get real, hardwood and laminate flooring are a great choice for any house, and nothing looks more like hardwood, than actual hardwood, but our lifestyles are changing.  We desire active lifestyles and have children that are most defintely active.  We are tired of carpet, not because it traps dirt and air-borne allergens, or that it doesnt last that long, but because a hardsurface floor seems to bring more value and elegance to our homes.  As the industry changes, we find that luxury vinyl products are filling the void for both durability and style.  The IVC Moduleo can give you all you need in a hardsurface floor, including 100% water resistance.  

Maybe you want a thicker product with a lifetime warranty, that locks together, then the Moduleo Embellish Click line is a great choice.  Maybe budget is more of a concern for a rental or mutli-family unit, then the Moduleo Vision is a great choice with a 5 year commercial warranty.  Then some people find the middle of the road is what works, in comes the Moduleo Horizon boasting a 30 year residential, 10 year commercial warranty.  The IVC Moduleo Horizon and Vision come in 2 width selections, and have a wood and tile visual.  All the product colection come with either a dry-back, glue-down installation, or a floating, click-lock installation.  Its very clear to see that the IVC Moduleo has a lot of variety and style that would be a wise choice for any home owner or developer.

***Due to pricing restrictions from IVC, we are not allowed to display our low pricing on the website.  To try and discourage online shopping, most manufacturers are establishing MIP (Minimum Internet Pricing) or MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) restrictions.  We realize this to be a huge inconvenience to you the shopper so add the product to the cart to get the sale price***