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SIVC Moduleo Promo Click is a 4.5 mm luxury vinyl palnk and tile that will give you a great authentic appearence at a fraction of the cost. You get a product that helps retain r value so you won’t have to worry about those cold floors in the morning. Luxury Vinyl floors are taking more and more market share, more customers switch everyday to lyxury vinyl.Why? simple cost, feel and the durability and they are waterproof. Lets get real, hardwood and laminate flooring are a great choice for any house, and nothing looks more like hardwood, than actual hardwood, but our lifestyles are changing. We desire active lifestyles and have children that are most defintely active. We are tired of carpet, not because it traps dirt and air-borne allergens, or that it doesnt last that long, but because a hardsurface floor seems to bring more value and elegance to our homes. As the industry changes, we find that luxury vinyl is becoming the way of the future and please remember it’s waterproof.

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