The Franklin Collection and The Fontana Collection

Walnut, ash, hickory, maple, American cherry. For over half-a-century, Zickgraf has transformed these beautiful hardwoods into some of the world’s finest flooring. Combining the artisan’s eye for precision craftsmanship with the latest innovations in finishing and manufacturing, Zickgraf is able to produce flooring that is both alluring and enduring.

The Franklin Collection™
A passion for excellence can be seen in every one of the 45 selections of homegrown and imported hardwoods in the Franklin Collection. These 3/4″ thick, solid hardwoods are incomparable in their quality, with a purity of grain and intensity of detail that is virtually impossible to replicate. Floors that represent the peak of perfection when it comes to delivering a level of definition and quality of character today’s discriminating homeowner demands. Available in traditional 2-1/4″ wide strips, the Franklin Collection floors are also presented in 3-1/4″ and 5″ wide planks for an even bolder visual statement.

The Fontana Collection™
What is the Fontana Collection?  The Zickgraf Fontana collection is a premium hardwood flooring product that provides advanced visual, technological, installation and long term performance solutions over conventional solid and other engineered hardwood flooring products.  The Zickgraf Fontana collection comes in various sizes, species, surface textures and price points.  The collection also features the EnviroCore dense inner core made of recycled wood by-products.  This recycled core gives you the ability to install on, above, or below grade and requires zero acclimation in climate controlled enviroments according to the manufacturer.  Although Zickgraf says no acclimation required True Hardwoods always recommends a minimum of 48 hours on engineered products.  Purchasing an engineered product also has other advantages such as ultra straight boards and greater stability, which reduces seasonal expansion that often results in gapping.