Shaw Pioneer Road Hardwood Flooring

Pioneer Road By Shaw is a solid heavy scrape 3 1/4″ wide plank with Scufresist Platinum 50 year finish Warranty. 3 colors from this line (caravan, trail, prairie) are identical to Shaw Chimney Rock, just in a narrow width. As consumers begin to understand the nature of hickory and how hard it is to purchase wider width hickory, the Pioneer Road becomes a more desirable choice becuase of its 3 1/4″ width. Shaw understands the invesment you are making as a consumer to get the best product and value you can get. Why settle for a hardwood flooring that will last half the time and not give you the look and feel you are looking for. Choose Shaw, because they stand behind every product they sell, so you can rest assured that any problems you may face will be taken care of.

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