Mohawk Hardwood Flooring

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By combining meticulous craftsmanship and premium woods, Mohawk hardwood offers an incredible array of  stylish options for your home. From rich honey tones to gentle natural hues, from vintage hand scraped distressed to classic smooth, there’s a Mohawk hardwood to fit any look you desire.

Domestic natural maple to exotic Brazilian Cherry, the color you select will dramatically affect your room, and our hardwoods are available in cool smooth or intricate textured surfaces. Mohawk hardwoods come in shades and textures that enhance your home’s character and value for years to come.

Hardwood floors perform differently in various environments. Find the perfect combination of strength and beauty for your home with engineered, solid or longstrip wood planks. For years of lasting beauty and superior protection, check out Mohawk hardwood’s CrystalShield™, the exclusive Aluminum Oxide Ceramica or Natural Oil finish.

Many of Mohawk’s engineered hardwoods include reclaimed wood from dismantled buildings. These woods find new life in Mohawk hardwood selections to help assure a more environmentally friendly approach to flooring.

Whether you’re looking for the charm of a standard solid wood or the beauty of reclaimed engineered wood, you’ll find the perfect floor with Mohawk hardwood. The collections available in hardwood flooring give you the ultimate choice in what’s best for your home. Let the natural character and first-class quality of Mohawk hardwoods transform your living space.




Arcadia 4" WEC25
Artiquity WLM04

American Retreat
Brandymill 5" WEC52
Brookedale Locking 5 1/4" WEC58
Brookedale Soft T&G 5" WEC57
Brookfield 3" WEC1
Clarett 7" WEK18
Dawson WEK-20
Elysia 3 (Tigerwood) 3 1/4" WES3
Elysia 4 (Timborana) 3 1/4" WES4
Elysia 5 (Santos Mahogany) 3 1/4" WES5
Forest Oaks 3" WEC36
Forest Oaks 5" WEC50
Greenbriar Walnut 3" WEC42
Greyson Distressed WEC56
Henley Soft Scraped 5" WEC59
Kingsmill 5" WEK11
Marbury Oak  3" WEL13
Montego Brazilian Cherry 3" WEL9
Mulberry Hill Maple 3" and 5" WEC40, WEC41
Oakland 3" WEC34
Oakland 5" WEC35
Pastiche 3 1/4" WEC27
Pastiche 5 1/4" WEC53
Pembroke Hickory 5 1/4" WEC55
Pembroke Maple 5 1/4" WEC54
Queenstown 5" WEK4
Raschiato 5" WEK5
Santa Barbara 5" WSK1
Sheridan Plank 3" WEK2
Stauton Meadows Cherry 3" and 5" WEC44, WEC45
Tescott 4" WEL18
Warrenton Hickory 3" and 5" WEC38, WEC39
Westbrook Oak 3" WEC46
Westbrook Oak 5" WEC14
Zanzibar 5" WEK3


Ashland 3 1/4" and 5" WSC44, WSC45
Belle Meade 2 1/4" WSC27
Belle Meade 3 1/4" WSC28
Belle Meade 5" WSC60
Belverde 5" 32363
Berry Hill Hickory 2 1/4", 3 1/4" WSC34, WSC35
Canton Oak 3 1/4"  WSC87
Channing WSC856
Coleridge WSC81
Granite Hills Oak WSC82
Maple Ridge 2 1/4", 3 1/4" WSC31, WSC32
Plymouth Oak 3 1/4" WSC10
Rivermont 2 1/4" WSC25
Rivermont 3 1/4" WSC26
Rivermont 5" WSC55
Rockford 2 1/4", 3 1/4", and 5" WSC56, WSC57, WSC58
Somerville Handscraped 5" WSC61
Somerville Handscarped 3-1/4"
Tisdale Cherry 2 1/4", 3 1/4", and 5" WSC63, WSC40, WSC41
Woodbourne 2 1/4" WSC29
Woodbourne 3 1/4" WSC30

2013 Introductions from Mohawk

Mohawk Palo Duro 4", 6", 8"
Mohawk Pacifique Acacia 5"
Mohawk Rockford Oak 3"
Mohawk Rockford Oak 5"
Mohawk Rockford Maple 5"
Mohawk Rockford Hickory 5"
Mohawk Atherton Oak 5"
Mohawk Atherton Hickory 5"

Mohawk Coleridge Random
Mohawk Rockford Hickory 2-1/4"
Mohawk Rockford Hickory 3-1/4"
Mohawk Rockford Hickory 5"
Mohawk Rockford Maple 2-1/4"
Mohawk Rockford Maple 3-1/4"
Mohawk Rockford Maple 5"


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