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Mohawk SmartStrand Insightful Image Carpet with DuPont Sorona Triexta (PTT)

  Our desire is to provide our customers with the absolute best shopping experience while providing the absolute best price.  In order to accomplish this we work hard to reduce our overhead costs.  Therefore, we eliminate the need for expensive website building specialist and just do the job ourselves.  Unfortunately, this becomes quite time consuming.  Therefore, to help ease your shopping experience as well as our workload, thusly reducing your overall price, we have provided all the various color options offered by the manufacturer within the shopping cart.  The pictures, however may take a while to upload.  In the meantime, feel free to peruse the manufacturer’s webpage for this particular carpet style and all the colors thereof.
  Please take good notes as you search the manufacturer’s site for the color that best suits your needs.  Then, give us a call or check out using the shopping cart.
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Mohawk Insightful Image Carpet

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Cobweb, Paper Moon, Italian Suede, Rock Wall, Sugar Plum, Grape Jam, Bisque, Malt, Mystic Mountain, Icy Violet, Eggplant, Jute, Rum Cake, Candy Kisses, Brick Walk, Curry, Bamboo, Ginger Jar, Ladybug, Hot Fudge, Atmosphere, Honeysuckle, Torch Light, Glazed Donut, Sweet Potato, October Harvest, Blondie, Muslin, Pineapple, Tiki Hut, Pumpkin Pie, Deep Forest, Magnolia Bud, Raffia, Chamomile, Pondscape, Sassafras, Boxwood, Quarry, White Tea, Limeade, Cucumber, Emerald, Evergreen, Titanic, Dry Twig, Cavern, Springtide, Lagoon, Neptune, Squall Line, Cypress, Clover, April Sky, Key Largo, Old Glory, Grecian Column, Slate Tile, Tree Moss, Graphite, Elephant, Domino


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