Bostik Webpatch D-9001 Fast-Setting Polymer-Modified Gypsum Patch 25 lb D63158-982

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Bostik Webpatch D-9001 is a fast-setting, polymer-fortified gypsum based material designed for interior installation and may be used to patch floors, walls, and other surfaces. Webpatch D-9001 may be used to fill up to 1/2″ deep over properly prepared concrete, masonry, cementitious backer board, and structurally sound exterior grade plywood (interior/dry use only). When used properly, this product provides a fast-setting surface that will not check, crack or break up. Bostik Webpatch D-9001 may be mixed with Bostik 425 Acrylic Latex Admixture Latex Floor Underlayment Additive instead of water for improved performance. Webpatch D-9001 contains Bostik Blockade Anti-Microbial Protection.

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With the flat side of a trowel held at a 45° angle, work patch into surface filling all broken areas, depressions and cracks in the substrate. “Key in” but do not over trowel.

Application Over Plywood

Please refer to the proper flooring industry and APA standards for plywood subfloor installation and preparation. Clean and rough-sand the plywood. Due to the limitations of plywood as a substrate, it is not intended for use in wet interior, or applications subject to heavy/commercial traffic.


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