Bostik Webcrete 98 Premium, Fast-Setting, Polymer-Modified Portland Cement Patch 25 lb D63158-98R

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Bostik Webcrete 98 is a premium, fast-setting, specially formulated polymer-modified, Portland cement patch that is to be mixed with water only. Bostik Webcrete 98 is designed for interior use on floors and walls. It can be used to skim coat or featheredge up to 1/2″ deep in one application. Floor covering can be installed after just one hour from application. Bostik Webcrete 98 is extremely flexible and resilient for use to patch and smooth floors prior to the installation of ceramic tile, carpet, resilient and wood flooring. When used as an embossing floor leveler, there is no need to mix Bostik Webcrete 98 with a latex additive. Bostik Webcrete 98 contains Bostik Blockade Anti-Microbial Protection.

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With the trowel held at a 45° angle, work patch into surface filling all broken areas, depressions and cracks in the substrate; “Key in” but do not over trowel.
Application over plywood: Please refer to the proper flooring industry and APA standards for plywood subfloor installation and preparation. Clean and rough-sand the plywood. Due to the limitations of plywood as a substrate, it is not intended for use in exterior, wet interior, or applications subject to heavy/commercial traffic.
Application over existing cutback adhesive residue: Cutback adhesive must be dry. Thoroughly scrape the cutback adhesive residue from the floor to remove any loose pieces of material prior to installing Bostik Webcrete 98.
Application over existing vinyl/VCT flooring as an embossing leveler and cutback (dry only): Vinyl/VCT must be clean and well bonded to the substrate. Remove any loose pieces of vinyl/VCT flooring. Roughen new surfaces or smooth flooring, or floowing with urethane wear layers. Do not apply over cushion-backed or perimeter bonded sheet vinyl. The installation must be thoroughly rinsed and dried. Use the flat side of a trowel held at a 45° angle to spread a thin layer of Bostik Webcrete 98 over the embossed floor covering. Avoid thick or heavy applications. An embossing leveler need only be thick enough to fill in the depressions of the floor covering. Make sure coverage is smooth and uniform; avoid over-troweling. A second application may be required on deeply embossed floors. Do not apply over cushion backed or perimeter bonded sheet vinyl.
CAUTION: Some flooring and cutback adhesive may contain asbestos. Follow all Federal, state and local guidelines for proper removal. Refer to the Resilient Floor Covering Institute’s “Recommended Work Practices for the Removal of Resilient Floor Coverings.” Application over existing ceramic tile: Ensure that the ceramic tile is clean and well bonded to the substrate. Mechanical abrasion with a Carborundum disk is required, followed by a clean water wash. The installation must be thoroughly rinsed and dry prior to applying Bostik Webcrete 98.


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