Bostik Webcrete 95 Fast-Setting, High Strength Floor Patch 40 lb D63170

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Bostik Webcrete 95 is a fast-setting, polymer-modified, Portland cement patch for interior use on floors and walls. This product may be used to skim coat or featheredge finish up to 1 ⁄2″ deep in one application. Floor covering can be installed after just one hour from application. Bostik Webcrete 95 is used to patch and smooth floors prior to the installation of engineered hardwood, solid wood, laminate, ceramic tile, carpet, and resilient flooring. It can be used over properly prepared concrete; cementitious backer board; structurally sound exterior grade plywood (interior/dry use only); existing, well bonded vinyl/VCT or ceramic tile; and cutback adhesive residue (dry only). When mixed with Bostik 425 Multi-purpose Acrylic Latex Admixture instead of water, not only is the performance and flexibility improved, but Bostik Webcrete 95 can also be used as an embossing leveler

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GENERAL NOTE: Universal Primer Pro is not a vapor barrier. Test substrate as per ASTM F-1869 for (MVER) and/or ASTM F-2170 for (RH%). If levels exceed those permissible by any component in the flooring system, apply a Bostik moisture vapor barrier coating (i.e. Bostik Slab-Cote, D-250 or D-261). All surfaces must be clean, sound, dry, 50F(10C) and free of oil, wax, grease, sealers and/or curing compounds, urethane, paint, asphalt, loose surface material or any contaminate that will act as a bond breaker. Never use acid or mastic removers on any surface to which a Bostik product will be applied. If sealers and/or curing compounds are present they must be removed by mechanical means prior to application. Refer to the data sheet of the Bostik cement based product being installed. Follow the specific substrate preparation, priming, mixing and application guidelines. Adhere to all product limitations and if unsure about a particular application, contact Bostik Technical Service.


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