Marazzi Province ceramic tile collection replicates the wonderful aesthetic attributes of natural travertine stone in a more versatile format. These ceramic tiles are less porous than natural stone, hence experiencing fewer issues with spills, moisture, and cracking from everyday use. Province can be installed virtually anywhere within your home, so don’t be afraid to take travertine looks into the laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen. Replete with natural swirls and shade variation, at first glance it is hard to tell the difference    




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Marazzi Province is available in three colors and two sizes, along with three mosaic options. Depending on your design preferences, go with standard 12”x12” or monolithic 18”x18” ceramic tiles. Nova Scotia is the darkest shade available, showcasing coppery browns and sand-colored swirls. New Brunswick is the lightest shade available, perfect for drawing in natural light to your living space. Quebec is an intermediate beige that matches well with several different décor styles.




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