Cathedral Heights has its genesis in ancient beams and doors reclaimed from old European churches and mansions. Marazzi’s authentic result is an astonishingly organic visual of complex sawcut and hewn graining combination achieved by 3d digital imaging. This strong Colorbody porcelain with rectified edges has a wide range of faces and shades that contribute to highly random, incredibly realistic wood-like surfaces. Cathedral Heights infuses modern-day rooms with amazing textural quality that appeals to both historic and contemporary leanings.       





  • Size: 9″ x 36″
  • Technology: Color Body Porcelain | Rectified
  • Application: Floor & Wall Tile





The Marazzi Cathedral Heights Laminate brings you the old mansion and cathedral feel with its grains, patterns, and colors. It comes with amazingly realistic wooden-like surfaces with its textures. The Marazzi Cathedral Heights Laminate gives one of the best visual appearance than any other tile. It has a wide range of surfaces and colors to give you an extremely unique look. It adds a fancy feel to any floor for a very reasonable price.





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