Refreshing as a pine-scented breeze and rugged as snow-capped mountains, Arctic Bay exemplifies the free-spirited outlook and independent attitude favored by modern homeowners, designers and contractors.      




The three subtle tones in this collection are inspired by the crisp tones of glacial landscapes, and each earthy hue is an ideal addition to your home. We recommend installing 12” x12” tiles of Grise in your kitchen and dining room, where the warm yellows and deep golds will capture the sun and bring your family together in a feast of beauty. Rankin is the darkest of the tones, with dusky beige and a flush of deep cream that we like for the living rooms. In the bedrooms and bathrooms, use Arviat, a soft ivory and tropical sand toned tile; you can use 6”x 6” tiles for bathroom counters, and larger, 18” x18” squares for an impressive finish in the bedroom.   




This robust ceramic stakes its claim with native earthen colors, boldly structured surfaces and distressed edges. Three versatile sizes and veined colors encourage creativity.




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