Artea Stone takes inspiration from the natural stone walls of prehistoric caves – veined by the constant trickle of water, smoked by open fires, burnished by the contact of everyday life. Dramatic veining and a gentle puddling of colors reminiscent of travertine marble preserves heart connections to ancestral influences. Muted, neutral tones equally bring serenity to a mono-chromatic decor or serve as a subtle background palette for bold, vivid counterpoints of paint, furniture and fixtures.       




  • Size: 6-1/2″ x 13″
  • Technology: Glazed Porcelain
  • Application: Floor & Wall Tile
  • Sq Ft per Carton: 9.46 ft2





Marazzi Artea Stone is very inspired and based of off the old and worn look of prehistoric stone walls found in caves. With all the natural effects that they had, including smokey effects from campfires, water from inside the cave, and just everyday contact from humans. It has one of the most distinctive looks you can find in our selection or on the entire market for that matter. It’s rich and bold in its colors and will do you the best favor by looking excellent and being reliable anywhere you put it. 





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