Godfrey Hirst Carpet



Godfrey Hirst Carpet was founded in 1865, and was one of the first textile mills established in Australia. Even though they are centered in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Godfrey Hirst mills and distribution centers can now be found across the globe. In fact, Godfrey Hirst is one of the top ten carpet producers world wide. With 150 years of experience, Godfrey Hirst is a world leader in providing broadloom carpets in all fibers to both residential and commercial properties. Godfrey Hirst also specialize3s in manufacturing wool broadloom goods for the North American market. Godfrey Hirst is able to produce high-end wool, nylon, polypropylene, triexta, as well as blended carpets. Godfrey Hirst carpets are designed to meet the most aggressive demands for industry and safety standards.       




Godfrey Hirst Carpet combines the latest colors, patterns, and textures providing you with classic yet, practical beauty, predominately using New Zealand Wool for its Carpets. New Zealand Wool ensures an environmentally friendly fiber that is the cleanest and the whitest in the world. Wool acts as a natural filter, trapping particles such as dust, pollen and fungal spores, so you will not breath them in. These particles can be easily removed by vacuuming or professional cleaning. Wool captures many common household gases which neutralizes them. 





Custom Godfrey Hirst Area Rugs are Available! Choose from the styles shown below. Decide on your rug size for your room. Call for pricing and coordinating color options. Not quit sure? Give us a call here at Dalton Wholesale Floors and we will help you with your needs and exceed your expectations. 


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