Phenix carpet Grand Champion



Grand Champion is offered in 12 fresh new colors. This collection is made from 100% SureSoftSD™ fiber for a luxurious feel. The cut pile texture creates a traditional look with a winning quality that is flexible for both city dwellers and suburban residents. This collection fulfills the dream of a beautiful home with carpet that has artistic sensibility. Phenix carpet Grand Champion has many great quality’s which leaves you with an amazing luxury feeling. With having 12 different colors you would have amazing options to choose from. It has a clear color articulation which means it will have a long lasting amazing look. Phenix carpet Grand Champion has a inherent stain resistant which is great if you have any in home pets or small children, this product absorbs little to no liquid. Phenix carpet Grand Champion would be a perfect choice for you if you have any high trafficking areas in your home.         





  • Product: Grand Champion
  • Appearance: Casual
  • Patterned Repeat: NA





100% SureSoftSD

Inherent Stain Resistant

Pet Friendly  


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