Shaw Urbanality Click is a great collection with great options. Its designs and colors are intentionally suited for urban spaces and multi-family housing. Anywhere people enjoy forward thinking decor. This collection features clean, simple-grained woods like white oak and maple – alongside striations that are wood like but don’t represent a species.       




Flooring: Resilient
Look: Residential LVT – Click
Width: 5.9″
Length: 47.99″
Sq Ft per Carton: 27.58 ft2




Shaw Urbanality Click is a wonderful floor with many great designs, colors, and options. Each option has its own set of unique and helpful characteristics. Each one has it’s own amazing look and style that gives them all their one sense of character. Each option also has more reliability and durability then you need, making sure this floor lasts you. Having this many great values, this floor will definitely cause you no issues. 






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