Shaw Retreat Tile has its own unique looks and options. It’s one of the fewer options on the Shaw Vinyl market that is firmly based on stone. Each option in this collection has a different stone based look to really give you the privilege to choose one you enjoy. Each color in this collection is beautiful and brings a new look to your floor.        




Flooring: Resilient
Look: Residential LVT – Dryback
Width: 16″
Length: 16″
Sq Ft per Carton: 28.44 ft2




Shaw Retreat Tile features 13 unique stone-look floors. Each one has a different appearance and feeling. With all these options and colors, you are guaranteed to find something you enjoy. It’s a square tile, which is good even if you don’t know it. When you have a square tile/plank, you have the ability to purchase certain colors and make intricate designs that only you have. It’s a wonderful privilege and makes any floor twice as beautiful as it already is.






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