Shaw Northampton is a simple but luxurious floor to consider. It has a nice array of soothing colors that all bring their own relaxing feel to the place they are installed in. There’s colors that range from lighter to dark to give you a variety that you can consider. It has a polyurethane finish to keep the look and durability strong for years and years.            



Style: 0146V
Collection: Array – Luxury Vinyl
Tile & Plank Look: RESILIENT PLANK
Width: 6 in.
Length: 48 in.
Thickness: 5/64
Ft. per carton: 53.93        




Shaw Northampton features up to 4 colors including Belmont Hickory, Shelton Pecan, Barnwell Pine, and Alston Acacia. Alston Acacia being the darkest out of the group brings a much more luxurious and soothing setting to the room. Then you have Shelton Pecan, which brings a much more upbeat and bright feel to your room with its lighter tones and smooth textures. Like those two, all the options bring their own feeling and mood, which is what you want in a floor. 






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