Shaw Metropolis 12 makes a fabulous first impression with the desirable look of rustic, reclaimed barnwood. Its styling reflects 10 gorgeous wood species in current colors, creating design choices that range from contemporary to traditional. And the realism is impressive —some of the styles are embossed, and some offer the natural look of “limed” (or white-filled) color.        




Style: 5M208
Thickness: 12 mil
Collection: 5th and Main Look: RESIDENTIAL RESILIENT LVT-DRYBAC<=2MM
Width: 6.00 in.
Length:48.00 in.
Installation Grade: ABOVE, ON, BELOW  
Warranty Residential: 25 year
Warranty Commercial: 7 year        




Shaw Metropolis 12 features has a very distinctive look. All its options are based off old reclaimed barn wood. That is a plus, because some of the most commonly purchased floors on the market have the similar reclaimed barn wood look. You too can have that well-known look for a reasonable price. There’s 10 colors/options to choose from, giving you the guarantee of finding something you enjoy. Each has a wonderful warranty to make sure your floor lasts for a really long time.






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