Pergo Rigid Core LVT

Pergo Lifeproof Flooring

Pergo Extreme Rigid LVT is the go life product of Mohawk industries. All Pergo Extreme collections are kid proof, pet proof and waterproof. This product also comes with a worry-free for life no dent warranty that applies to a lifetime warranty and a 10 year commercial warranty. This product is the first 100% domestically manufactured superior scratch and dent resistance rigid core product. 

Why Pergo? Lifeproof Flooring
So many reasons to choose Pergo. We set out to create a better floor that held up to the needs of modern homes. From shoe scuffs to parties to pets, we knew this floor needed to be both durable and beautiful. With an array of styles that suit any space, time-saving installation and outstanding warranties, it’s easy to see why people love Pergo Lifeproof Flooring

Pet smart and human smart, one of the most durable floors you will every choose. The rigid core by Mohawk Pergo LifeProof Flooring                                                is an icredible engineering mavel when it comes to high traffic like children, pets and even moisture.