Mannington Adura Max Prime




 100% waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank

• Superior indentation resistance

• Best-in-Class styles and designs – 10 SKUs

• Fast, easy installation

• Exceptional at covering subfloor irregularities – can be installed over most hard surfaces including ceramic tile

• Perfect for Multifamily/Retail/Property Management use






Thickness: .18″ (4.5 mm)
Wear Layer: 12 mil
Width: 7 Inches
Length: 48 Inches
Install Type: Angle / Angle Lock (Floating)
Sq Ft Per Box: 23.34
Surface Type: Urethane Wearlayer
Construction: Solid Rigid Core
Edge Type: Micro-Bevel
Warranty: 20 Year Residential
6 Year Light Commercial





• Adura Max Prime can also be installed over most existing
hard–surface floor coverings provided that the existing floor
is well bonded and the surface is flat and smooth.
• Ceramic tile unevenness should be made smooth by
applying an overlay such as cementitious patching or leveling
• Existing floors should not be heavily cushioned and not
exceed one layer in thickness.
• Do not install over carpet.
• Floor should be flat, smooth, dimensionally sound and free
from deflection.
• Adura Max Prime is designed to be installed as a “floating”
floor. Do not secure the planks to the subfloor. Always
undercut wood doorjambs. Check local building code for
metal door jamb. If they cannot be cut, then proper
expansion must be maintained around door jamb. Do not
install cabinets or kitchen islands on top of Adura Max
Prime. Use care when installing wall moldings and transition
strips to not fasten through the product. Adura Max Prime
is an angle/ angle installation which provides superior eatures Here……


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