Duchateau is known for their beautiful hardwood flooring but they also have beautiful vinyl flooring. Duchateau has used its hardwood as inspiration for vinyl flooring. They want to prove you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for durability.




Duchateau Luxury Vinyl Tile gives you two options for installation: click and glue down. The click method is easy and used the most for DIY. It simply clicks and locks into place. The glue down method is more complex in a way. These planks are glued directly to your subflooring.




Duchateau Luxury Vinyl Tile features 3 collections in various plank width. These collections include:
Luxetech 20
Vinyl DeLuxe Classic
Luxetech 20 offers 7” and 9” wide planks. Vinyl DeLuxe Classic is 7” wide planks. Sovereign features 7” and 9” wide planks.