Congoleum Ovations Vinyl Flooring is easy to maintain and durable. The product comes with a 20 year warranty against fading, staining, and wear. Ovations also features a limestone composite construction which resists cracking over time. These 6 tile look colors are sure to make your home or office have the feel that you are looking for. So check out Congoleum Ovations today and don’t forget the product can be used with the Congoleum DuraCeramic grout.       




Product Information
Size: 14″x14″
Thickness: 0.140″
Finish: Satin Gloss
Edge Appearance: Eased Edge
Warranty: 20 years
FloorScore Certified: Yes
Finished Product Made in the USA: Yes

Adhesive: DS-100
Grounted/Ungrouted: Yes
Floating Floor using UnderFlor: Yes

Technical Information
Pieces per Carton: 15
Sq Ft. per Carton: 20.4
Weight per Carton: 32.7 lbs
Cartons per Pallet: 45      




Congoleum Ovations is one of our easier products to have. It’s easy to install and is easy to maintain with the amount of durability that it has. Everything from staining, fading, and any wear is protected by a 20-year warranty. The six colors you have the option to choose from will give you the look you desire.






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