Congoleum Cleo

The revolution has began with Congoleum Cleo.  This product is engineered to be very different in every way. And the secret to both its beauty and the durability lies in cross-linking technology. Most traditional products rely on layers of plastic to form the base, the print layer and the cap-film. Cleo is different and begins with a waterproof and flexible mineral composite core that contains zero PVC, plasticizers, phthalates or chloro-chemicals. Then, a series of high performance coating are sequentially applied to create the visual layer and protective clear finish.

These costing are applied in a receptive state which allows them to cross-link and form the fully integrated patented omni construction.

Scotchgard Enchanced Urethane

3m scotchgard Exclusivity, Esy Care Maintenance, ultra CLEAR High performance.

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