Burke Ceramic 6 Mil Luxury Vinyl Plank



Burke Flooring Luxury Vinyl Tile offers you an unparalleled selection of some of the most beautiful and practical flooring available anywhere. They combine the two most desirable attributes a floor can exhibit; beauty and durability. Burke LVT is a floor that’s incredibly long lasting and attractive. But there is one more attribute of Burke Flooring LVT that appeals to most customers: cost. You can install LVT at a surprising savings compared to similar premium resilient vinyl tiles. Beauty, durability, waterproof flooring, and economy; it’s a combination that makes specifiers and their customers look smart.




Thickness 1/8″
Size 18.5″ x 18.5″
Coefficient of Friction: 0.75, ASTM 1028
Applicable Standards ASTM F-1700, Class III,
Type B
Flame Resistance ASTM E-648 Class I Luxury




Burke Luxury Vinyl Flooring is manufactured to include new germ killing technology designed to make your facility safer from bacteria such as Staph and E-coli, and viruses like Rhinovirus and Molds. NANO-SILVER, extremely small particles of metallic Silver, is added to Burke Flooring Luxury Vinyl Tile giving a durable, anti-microbial action. Silver
particles are microscopic, making them invisible to the human eye.
Burke LVT just quietly goes about making business and environments safer places to be.


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