Aspecta Iceland Pine luxury vinyl plank is a very beautiful product. With its beautiful dark grey and brown colors, this floor brings a very luxurious and relaxing feel to your home or business. Luxury Vinyl Plank takes on the look of many popular floors like stone and concrete and it’s waterproof. Having these beautiful looks and the reliability it has, this floor will be a great choice for anyone who needs a good, solid floor.         




Total Thickness 0.126″ (3.2 mm) Plank/Tile Size Width 6″ (152.4 mm) Plank/Tile Size Height 48″ (1219.2 mm) Wear Layer 0.028″ (0.7 mm) Edge Detail Micro-Bevel Surface Finish Urethane with Ceramic Bead Sheen Super Matte        




Aspecta Iceland Pine features various darker looks, and very reliable planks. Having the grayish, brownish tones, this floor has a very nice concrete or stone look. With these tones, you can expect nothing but the best looks from any of the options you choose to buy. Besides the look, the floor itself is very wearable and reliable. This floor has a Urethane Finish with Ceramic Bead Sheen Super Matte that gives the floor a lot of resistance. 






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