Aspecta Contemporary has a diverse range of oak floors. With natural oak having its lighter colors, this collection is able to have a wide range of options ranging from light to dark. Each color is very relaxing and brings a nice look to any place it’s in. Having the same effect as the colors, the oak has textures ranging from deep to smoother.        




Total Thickness 0.126″ (3.2 mm)
Plank/Tile Size Width 4″ (101.6 mm)
Plank/Tile Size Height 36″ (914.4 mm)
Wear Layer 0.028″ (0.7 mm)
Edge Detail Square
Surface Finish Urethane with Ceramic Bead Sheen Super Matte       




Aspecta Contemporary features a wide range of colors and textures. Having the lightest lights to the darkest darks, you can have a lot on contrast with this floor. Not only does it feature a ton of colors, but it has a wide range of textures. Some of the options have deep and rigid textures, while others had smoother and subtle textures.






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