Luxe Luxury Vinyl plank comes in 4 designs that will fit about any project you may be working on whether its a high rise office or a small bathroom. First the luxe has the exotic wood flooring look that has been very popular fo a decade with extreme grain patterns and colors, next the rustic hardwood flooring look that can be used anywhere from your rustic cabin to the highrise office according to your taste. Luxe Luxury Vinyl Plank also has the traditional hardwood look that has been around since the 40’s with traditional oaks, hickories and maples and it’s water proof. Lastly the stone look that will look great in any place that you may use ceramic but with a warmer feel. Armstrong has covered about every possible need you may have in this collection and they have added the Fastak installation that can make your installtion a lot easlier with far less mistakes.The Fastak is a self adhearing system that is quick and simple holds fast and bonds tight. Just position and press into place, no glue, no pads or special tools needed.       




  • Width: 6″
  • Length: 48″
  • Installation: Fastak
  • 30-Year Residential Warranty
  • 10-Year Commercial Warranty
  • Sq Ft Per Carton: 24 ft2





Armstrong Luxe Fastak features a lot of nice features. It is perfect for anywhere you may find moisture with it being waterproof. It has a tough commercial grade surface to protect you from high traffic. It is built to be extremely durable and last a long time and has a 30-year Residential warranty and a 10-year Commercial Warranty.




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