Get the beautiful character of floors that mark the passage of time. The smooth, timeworn details recreate the authentic, antique look of single hardwood oak planks that have been lived on and well-used for years. Subtly sculpted edges complete the look, adding cozy comfort and style to your home.      





  • Width: 6 1/8″
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Lenght: 54 11/32″
  • Planks per ct: 8 Planks
  • Carton Size: 18.54 s/f
  • Carton Weight; 30.02





The Columbia Canterra Clic Laminate comes in multiple gorgeous oak colors. The floor itself just brings a lot of character to the room. It comes in 8 Planks per ct. with a thickness of 8mm. It’s a very smooth and authentic looking laminate that will bring awe and protection to anything that comes across it. 





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