The Bruce Gardenstone Laminate is one of our definite more beautiful products with it’s stone appearance. The way the laminate gives off the stone effect is one of the best effects you can have with a laminate. While it looks as good as stone, its as strong as stone. It’s a very dependable laminate as it is appealing. It’s a wonderfully great product to buy.        




 Construction: Laminate
Length: 47.76″
Warranty: 30 Year Residential
Carton Size: 23.5
Thickness: 8.3mm       




The Bruce Gardenstone Laminate is one of the most lovely products in the Bruce Laminate selections we have. With the 30 year residential warranty that comes along with any purchase of the Bruce Gardenstone Laminate, you will never have to worry about the flooring breaking down on you. You can always trust that the floor will keep its quality no matter how long you have it. 





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