Bruce/Armstrong is known for the great laminates they produce. Laminate is a good choice when certain issues come into play such as; budget, laminate is cheaper than hardwood but has the same beautiful look. Next its more durable than a hardwood flooring in most cases so its great when you have small children or pets. Check out the colors in the Home Elite style and see if you aren’t convicted that it’s as durable as it is beautiful.      




Warranty: 30 Year Residential
Carton Size:14.48 S/F
Thickness: 8mm
Installation: Angle Angle Lock       




Bruce American Home Elite is one of the best options you can make from the group. While it is cheaper than most hardwoods, it remains just the same amount of beauty, if not more, within itself. While never having to worry about appearance, you will also never have to worry about reliability. It comes with a very long warranty, while also being extremely resistant to anything the floor is put through.





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