Shaw Thames Hickory makes a striking fashion statement for today’s home. The look is inspired by the centuries-old liming technique, originated by European artisans in art houses along the Thames River. Subtle shifts in grey and white wash over each plank, settling deep in the wire-brushed wood grain, creating a contrasting softness that accentuates the natural wood grain and character. No two planks are alike, making your floor a one-of-a-kind work of art. If you are looking for a floor that will look good in any home from the highrise, New York apartment to the South Carolina beach house then Shaw’s Thames Hickory is a product that you should consider. You will not wear this floor out, because of Shaw’s innovative finish and grain munipulation you will add pretige and style to your home.      






Collection: Epic Plus

Species: Hickory

Plank Width: 6 3/8″

Plank Length: Random

Plank Thickness: 3/8″


sq.ft.per: 30.48

Edge Profile: Bevel

Float or Glue Down





The Shaw Thames Hickory Hardwood has an extremely unique design you won’t see on any other plank. It has multiple colors including subtle grays and whites. With each color each plank has, you can see that no two planks are the same. Each and every plank has a deep and rigid wire-brushed texture that fits very well with the subtle colors of the planks. 




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