Shaw Nashville has extraordinary styling for very special rooms. This collection of engineered hickory is made up of 3 widths – 3″, 5″, and 7″ – combined in equal amounts in each box. The result is a floor with lots of visual interest and design impact. Lightly wire-brushed, the beveled-edge planks have a satiny finish. Both texture and finish accentuate the character and grain without being too rustic.       




Construction: Engineered
Widths: 3″,5″,7″
Thickness: 3/8″
Length: Random
Carton Size: 30.60 S/F
Warranty: 50 Year       




The Shaw Nashville Hardwood comes in three different widths that all bring a different feel to the room you put the planks in. You could even mix them to get an even more unique look to your floor. This floor is made to bring in a tons of visual interest. It wants to use its variety and textures to catch everyone and anyone’s eye. The floor stays subtle with it’s small amounts of wire-brushed textures.







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