Palmetto Road Acacia Hand Scraped hardwood flooring features the acacia species, known for its stunning knots and durability, being one of the hardest woods. Its 50 year residential warranty adds to the durability of the floor, while the hand scraped look beautifully accentuates acacia’s knots.





  • Dimensions: 4-3/4″ x 3/8″ x Random Lengths
  • Construction: Engineered
  • Look: Hand Scraped
  • Warranty: 50 Year Residential Warranty
  • Carton Size: 18.6 Square Feet





Palmetto Road Acacia Handscraped is known for its very reliable durability. It’s one of the hardest woods on the market. While it is extremely durable, it also comes with a 50-year Residential Warranty. So, you can definitely rely on this floor to last you for as long as you have it.




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