Mohawk Pioneer Point



Mohawk Pioneer Point is a 3/8″ thick and 5″ wide  random width engineered product that can be floated, stapled or glued on about any sub-floor.            





Species: Hickory
Width: 5″
Thickness: 3/8″
Edges/Ends: Pillowed/Rolled
Finish: TruFinish™
Shade Variation: High
Installation Method: Float, Staple, or Glue; On, Above or Below Grade
Subfloor: Wood or concrete
Warranty: 50 Year Residential Finish, 5 Year Light Commercial





5 Wild West inspired hickory colors with a soft scraped, chattered surface
5 year light commercial warranty
Built-in stain protection with EasyCare™
Ultra-low gloss, oil-finish visual without all the maintenance, thanks to TruFinish™
50 year finish warranty
Made in USA


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