Mohawk American Designer – Lightly Scraped Exotic Flooring



The Mohawk American Designer is an exotic lightly scraped product with lots of character such as; knots, mineral streaks and dramatic character marks from the satin walnut species. This product is constructed using Mohawk’s Duracore technologies and the Armor max finish combined with scotchguard. This combination makes the finish about 5 times more effective fighting stains gicing you a 50 year warranty. This product is made a Danville Virginia so quality control is very advanced and innovative to product a better long lasting product.       





 Thickness: 3/8″

 Width: 5″

 Warranty: 50 year

 Carton Size:

 Edges: Pillowed/Rolled Bevels

 Matte Gross with Armor Max Finish

 Installation: on/above or below grades.        




Mohawk American Designer  is a 5″ wide board that will look great in any room no matter the size. The 5″ gives the lager rooms a better feel than a strip or 3″ which can feel a little to busy in the larger rooms.



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