Lyptus Hardwood from Weyerhaeuser



Lyptus Hardwood is an eco-friendly hardwood hybrid, grown in the heart of what was Brazil’s devastated forest lands.  Derived from the cross breeding of the Eucalyptus Grandis and the Eucalyptus Urophylla, this hybrid, interspersed with reintroduced indigenous trees, was created to preserve the region’s already depleted native ecosytem.  Whats interesting is the tree’s ability to quickly reproduce saplings from the very stump after it’s first harvesting without the need for replanting.  Thriving on carefully managed plantations in Brazil, this eucalyptus hybrid is harvested after about 15 years as compared to 70-80 years required by other premium hardwoods to mature.  A plantation can produce four crops of Lyptus® in the time it takes a mahogony tree to mature.  The volume of wood produced on the Lyptus® plantations is 30 times greater than that of other Brazilian forests.

Lytus Hardwood has attributes such as exceptional workability, density, finish tolerance, and overall strength along with its comparable hardness to that of the Brazilian Cherry, customers can be confident that their decision in such a quality product like Lyptus Hardwood is coming from a consistent and environmentally sound source of supply.  With the grain pattern like that of Mahogony and a natural color similar to the American Cherry, rest assured that it’s beauty is nothing short of marvelous.  All these features contribute to what makes Lyptus Hardwood so well suited for high-end applications such as your hardwood flooring.



Installation of your new hardwood flooring is very important and should be treated as a science, what do we mean? Make sure you do your homework such as; make sure your flooring is acclimated properly about 72 hours in the room of installation. Make sure that you check the moisture content in your flooring and sub-floor. 


Your warranty is very important and should be treated so




Lyptus Hardwood has made an impression in the hardwood flooring market due to its beautiful grain, ability to accept stains, and its availability in a variety of lengths. Farmed on plantations in Brazil, this wood is an exceptional choice for those who are environmentally cautious. Not only elegant, but Lyptus® solid hardwood flooring has many outstanding features: