Lauzon Hardwood Flooring





Nature leaves nothing to chance. Every element has its raison d’être. Each adheres to the next with remarkable coherence giving life to the most extraordinary organic whole.

At Lauzon we are inspired by nature’s harmony to offer you floors of unsurpassed precision. Our artisans are obsessed with details. They cut and shape each piece in the way jewelers cut precious stones so that the final assembly is perfect in terms of uniformity of material, strength, stability and, of course, sublime comfort.

Lauzon offers ultimate perfection. It’s your turn to experience its luxury.








Every plank we manufacture is made with highest precision moulding machines and tools. That allows us to ensure exact results for every product we produce – always.







Our tongue and groove are precisely made using the most refined technology available. You can be confident that our hardwood flooring planks fit perfectly and evenly… every time. So perfect, you’ll think your gliding across a single plane.

  • Our micro-V edges are among the finest on the market, offering the smoothest surface you’ll ever walk on.
  • Our square edges are unique and elevate wood floor joinery to new summits of uniformity and alignment.
  • Our herringbone construction allows single or double herringbone patterns, parquet, brick, as well as an appealing range of others.




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