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Armstrong is one of the most well know names when it come to flooring, all types of flooring. Armstrong Hardwood is a brand of hardwood flooring that you can trust and they have stood the test of time.  Also as a consumer Armstrong Hardwood knows the market, they know what you expect.

Why Armstrong Hardwood ?

Because the milling and the finish is great and it will be decades before you ever have to refinish.  Check out the many Armstrong Hardwood Flooring styles and brands on the collections page and we are confident that you will find the floor that suits your expectation.  Give us a call at DWF our sales staff is waiting to answer any question you may have.

Installation & Warranties

DIY Hardwood

Even for experienced DIY enthusiasts, nail /staple down and glue down installations can be challenging.  For DIY enthusiasts who choose to install hardwood themselves we recommend Lock&Fold® hardwood – it’s the fastest and easiest to install yourself without glue, nails or staples.  Learn more about DIY hardwood installation to decide if you’re ready and view step-by-step instructions.  Or, locate an Armstrong Certified Installer near you, for guaranteed results.


View Hardwood Installation Guide
Get the job done right the first time. Take advantage of Armstrong’s online videos with step-by-step instructions on every installation method as well as subfloor preparation and tips on trim and molding additions.

Armstrong Certified Installers

Finding the perfect flooring is just the first step. You need to ensure it also delivers excellent performance and durability. Our Armstrong Certified Installers are exclusively trained to install our flooring products. Your new floor will not only look great, it will stay that way for years to come.
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Armstrong Hardwood gives new freedom to consumers to personalize their living spaces within a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Armstrong Hardwood is a well know brand with great pricing on their solid lines and engineered, with many different hand scraped and distressed styles and colors to choose from such as our Solid American Scrape with the wire-brushed touch which will make your floor stand out to anyone.

Maybe you are more attracted to an engineered floor then you could take a look at the Prime Harvest Oak collection. If you need more colors to choose from maybe the Artistic Timbers collection would be a wise choice. Armstrong’s Artesian Classes Color Wash collection is a beautiful color washed product that comes with Armstrong’s 25 year for ever II Residential Warranty. This engineered flooring can be installed on any level using the glue, float or staple method and comes in a 5″ wide board in Birch, Cherry, Maple or walnut. The low gloss finish doesn’t show prints and smudges as a high gloss, giving you a more clean appearance. Armstrong Blackwater Classics wide plank engineered flooring with Square Edges and Ends, This distressed flooring comes in two species walnut and cherry with Armstrong’s HartGuard Deluxe 25 year residential finish. The Blackwater Classics is very popular with great reviews because of it’s durability and dimensional stability. It can be installed over all sub-floors on any level and yes, it’s great to install over concrete. See More

The Artesian Hand-Tooled collection by Armstrong come in random width boards from 4″, 5″ and 6 1/2″ with a 25 year residential warranty. This collection is reminiscent of the hardwood floors installed in homes a hundred years ago or more. The Artesian comes hickory, walnut and birch, that present the deep, hand-scraped look to the best effect. Armstrong Century Estate Parquet engineered flooring is a parquet that is beautifully designed to give you a very classic look. Much like parquets of old, throughout European castles, this product will give you that same eloquent feel but with greater wear ability and stability because of the innovative technology that Armstrong puts in every product they make. Armstrong Rustics Laminate flooring is part of the Nature’s Gallery Collection and has the rustic look of oak, with its elegant grain patterns and character marks. Beveled edges and ends accentuate each plank. It’s easy to install with a locking installation system. A 30 Year Residential Warranty keeps your floor looking new. Armstrong Performance Plus is a brand new collection of engineered hardwood flooring that is infused with liquid acrylic to enhance durability and resist dings and dents to a level unparalleled by traditional hardwood floors. They are 2.5x harder, even harder overall than exotic hardwoods. This collection even surpasses Armstrong Premier Performance, with increased scratch resistance and a clearer coating (due to the nano Aluminum Oxide finish). Armstrong offers its best warranty yet: 50 Year Residential and 10 Year Commercial. Installation options include easy Lock & Fold technology. For stunning natural beauty with added durability, try Performance Plus. Collapse