Anderson Tuftex Casitablanca Mix Width Hardwood Flooring

Anderson Tuftex Casitablanca Mix Hardwoods reintroduces its Casitablanca Collection in a brand new way. Taking from the Virginia Vintage version of their Classic Collection, which is designed to bring a contemporary, yet classic concept in modern hardwood floors, Anderson Tuftex Wood Floors reinvents its top-selling Anderson Tuftex Casitablanca Mix Line by giving you, the consumer, what many of current Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring owners have been asking for: Casitablanca in a multi-width pattern.

Still featuring their innovative and intricate hand-scraping techniques, the Anderson Tuftex Casitablanca Mix  Collection now offers four of its most popular colors in a mixed width pattern. Each carton comes with a perfect blend of three, five, and seven inch width boards. Carefully crafted Spanish Hickory is cut and hewn just so that each individual plank has its own unique characteristics and features, adding to the already unique mix of widths.

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Skilled artisans masterfully craft each board to be a unique work of art, for no two are identical. Our craftsmen continue the master’s art of finding the beauty in this exotic species, then bringing that beauty to light.


Width: 3″, 5″, 7″  x Random Lengths, Random Widths
Thickness: 3/8″
Construction: Engineered 
Edge: Hand Scraped Belveled
Finish: Aluminum Oxide
Installation:  Glue, Float, Staple or Nail
Warranty: 50 Year Residential Finish Warranty
Sq Feet Per Carton: 34.69 ft2

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