True Home Decor was developed to make shopping for home decor products simpler and cheaper. Our professionals have carefully put these lines together to make sure you, our customer receives the best quality at the best prices. Our selections include flooring, cabinets and rugs, so whatever your need or needs may be, why not shop at one place. With the past hurricane season many homes and families have been damaged and we understand that, you and your contractor have plenty to do. So we can help you do things yourself, saving money and time. Our professional salesman are waiting to assist you with your purchase, delivery and installation. 

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Here at DWF/ we offer cabinets, carpet, hardwood, LVT/WPC, tile and rugs. We have put the True Home Decor lines together to make things simpler for you, but keep in mind we carry all major flooring brands, so if you don’t find what you are looking for in our collections, don’t worry, we can find that perfect product for you.       




One great feature about True Home Decor, we ship right to your door anywhere in the US.