True Home Decor Hardwood Flooring



  A true hardwood floor is durable and gives you the style and value you desire. Hardwood flooring will add prestige to your home and can be refinished for lasting beauty. We have put together a collection of hardwood flooring that includes solid and engineered.




When to choose a solid over an engineered floor. Both types are beautiful and most of the time will look the same on the surface. Let’s start with the solid and why it goes on certain sub-floors on certain levels. As the name suggests a solid is solid throughout and in most cases is 3/4″ thick. This product in most cases can be refinished to restore the look and gloss level. If you are on a ply board or similar sub-floor then a solid can in most cases be used. On the other hand if you are below ground level then a engineered must be used. Why? because a engineered has as the name suggests been engineered to be stable and can be installed on any sub-floor on any level. Most engineered floors can be refinished if needed to restore to the original look and gloss level.      



We work with the world’s leading manufacturers to bring you the top brands in hardwood flooring. We carry the best and exclusive brands, smooth engineered, hand scraped engineered and smooth solid.

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