Shaw Wonder Carpet Tiles is a 23 oz. Solution Dyed with a lifetime warranty. Carpet tile is easy to work with, easy to install and easy to transport. Shaw understands your needs when it comes to carpet and they make any carpet tile that you might need for any job.  





  • Multi-Level Pattern Loop
  • Tile
  • Eco Solution Q® Nylon
  • EcoWorx® Tile
  • Solution Dyed
  • 23 Oz
  • Lifetime Stain, Lifetime Performance





This is a solution dyed product with a lifetime warranty. Being one of the most efficient type of floors, you can expect nothing but ease. Features like being able to easily remove and place individual carpet tiles with any issues, being extremely easy to install as you just have to place them down, and being one of the easiest to transport from one place to another unlike huge hardwood planks, are things you can expect from this floor.


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